Are produced by weaving on narrow fabric looms in various thickness & weave density. The tapes are available generally in plain weave, & twill weave upon request. The tapes are rolled on to a core to a required length. Core size and tape length are as per customer requirement. The tapes are in loom state condition with uniform selvedge.

Technical Data Sheet

Typical values shown for 25 mm unit width of standard thickness. For other widths proportionate values are applicable. Tape are available in width ranging from 10 mm to 160 mm. Item code along with width in mm is required to convey the requirement of the desired tape. For tapes not covered by this table, the customer may please put forth their requirement by providing their specification and sample for us to respond

Recommended Application:

The Glass + Polyester Fibre Tapes are usually used for similar application as glass tape but has advantage of non fraying edges due to polyester yarn being in the weft direction and glass in the warp direction. These Woven Glass + Polyester Tapes are hybrid tapes with high tensile & incombustible properties of glass fibre in the machine direction and ease of handling of polyester fibre across.

Selection Criteria :

The choice of our woven tape to be used for a particular job usually depends on the following:

  • Temperature class : upto Class F-1550C, upto Class C-2300C + maximum short term temp upto 5000C
  • Thickness : The allowable thickness of the tape in relation to the end use can be an important criterion. The nominal thickness measured between the selvedges, for woven tapes are usually from 0.09 mm. to 0.23 mm. Higher thickness are available upon request.
  • Width of the tape : Depending on the end use, various widths from 10 mm. to 110 mm. can be used. The tolerance on width is + 1.0 mm. for nominal widths upto and including 25 mm. and + 1.5 mm. for nominal widths over 25 mm or upto 10% based on the requirement.
  • Weave Density : No of ends in warp & weft direction per unit length signify weave density.
  • Length of the tape : Standard 50 meters. However available as per customer requirement in other lengths also.
  • Tensile Strength :This is an important criteria, since while winding, the tape should not tear off or dislocate and should have adequate tensile strength to withstand the Taping operation.

Generic Features :

  • Excellent di-electric properties
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Good reinforcement to insulating varnishes
  • Armoring against mechanical damage.

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